Our Story.

Our experience on the ground gives us an in-depth knowledge of New York City and the challenges faced by mission-driven organizations. Our team members held positions in New York City government and nonprofits developing strategies to tackle urban problems, driving policies, and managing large complex programs. We go deep in NYC and wide as well: we have worked in all of New York City’s vibrant neighborhoods, out east in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, up north in Westchester, and in the immediate tri-state area. Basically, we’ve been solving these problems for a long time.

We work side-by-side with clients to understand their particular challenges and opportunities. We combine our team’s unique experience and knowledge with our proven methods to tailor strategic solutions for every one of our clients. Collaboration is a fundamental part of our process – partnerships are always more productive.

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Our Values.

“I am passionate about the work I do because I am committed to making the world a better place. This mindset is integral to our work and our employees. I am so lucky to work with an incredible team that cares deeply about the work we do and the impact that clients can achieve because of our services. “
~ Celeste Frye, CEO

Equity: We promote equity in every aspect of our work. To us, this means creating clear and accessible pathways to input, opportunity, and information for all stakeholders, and especially those most likely to experience barriers to entry. We promote transparent communication and openness in all of our internal and external programs in order to ensure fair and informed decision making. Lastly, we aim to counter-balance privilege so all can succeed.

Fun: We not only take pride in our work, but have fun doing it. Our team-based approach to projects ensures that we work collectively to achieve common goals for our firm as well as our clients, but never take ourselves too seriously.

Doing Good: Our work helps people and builds community, creating impact that we can see and believe in. We seek out and acknowledge everyone’s strengths and design systems that respect the organizations and communities with whom we work. We love what we do because we know that we’re doing good.

Curiosity: There is always more to learn. From new best practices to new service areas, we invest in expanding our expertise and stretching our knowledge. Our team’s curiosity ensures that our solutions are always fresh, responsive, and tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

Adaptability: Our team is nimble and proud of it. We think on our feet and have built flexibility into our team structure.

Our Commitment to Community-Based Organizations.

Public Works was established to bring management consulting tools to community-based organizations to increase their impact, advance their missions, and build stronger communities that work for all. This long standing ethos has been at the forefront of our company culture through our signature initiatives, including our annual giving campaign #PublicWorksGivesBack and our pro bono organizational assessment service – the COVID-19 Nonprofit Tune-Up.

Aside from our initiatives, Public Works also provides employees the time to pursue and support their interests. Many Public Works employees play an active role in the nonprofit community as board members and volunteers.

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