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Discover an easier way to define your organization’s health

Welcome to the Public Works Nonprofit Tune-Up, an online tool that offers affordable and comprehensive current state analysis to nonprofits looking to strategize around their organizational performance to move towards improved mission impact.

What is it?

The Nonprofit Tune-Up is web-based survey designed to gather information on the operation and programs of any nonprofit organizations. We will use the information to benchmark of their current work, identify areas for improvement, and capitalize on potential opportunities. By the end of the assessment, clients will receive a comprehensive report with impartial input and feedback from a team of proven Nonprofit experts.

This assessment provides insight into four key areas of organizational health:


Examines organizational structure, communications protocols, and your development strategy. This component of our assessment will help you answer key questions related to how your structure positions towards mission success.

Board of Directors

Identifies how your board’s structure supports the operations and processes within your organization. We assess the Board’s involvement and responsibilities as it relates to fundraising, organizational governance, and strategic planning.

Financial Health

Paints a picture of your organizations finances and how you can position your organization to support short-term and long-term goals. We review your financial statements to identify profitability, operational efficiency, and budgeting practices.

Program Portfolio

Assesses current program structures and resources employed by your organization to help you identify ways to increase the impact of your program activities.

How does it work?

After you complete our online survey, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of these four operational areas, assess how these components live within your organization and interact with each other, and work with you to review strengths, challenges, and opportunities for towards increased impact.
If you are interested in creating or improving a strategic plan for your organization, provide a benchmark of your current work, identify areas for improvement, and demonstrate what you are doing well, then the Nonprofit Tune-Up is the right tool for you.

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The Nonprofit Tune-Up is part of our Organizational Health services. We see health assessment as the first step to identify key issues and opportunities, but also work with you on subsequent efforts to address those issues, new opportunities, and engage staff and Board Members around the future direction of the organization. We’ve conducted organizational assessments with nonprofits across the five boroughs, with successful results including streamlining operations to save money, preparing for an expansion to serve more constituents or into new program areas, and developing revenue-generating strategies. At the end of an engagement, our clients have a concrete approach to marshal their resources effectively to meet their mission.

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