Andrey Prigov

Andrey Prigov

Project Coordinator

Andrey supports Business Development and Marketing at Public Works Partners by compiling data, enhancing outreach strategies, and optimizing client relationships. His background is in public policy and communication.


  • Distilled academic publications and legal research into concise memos and easy-to-follow visual aids for senior public policy advisers
  • Geo-analyzed the impact of school closures on underserved communities in post-Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico
  • Composed a report on how charter schools in charter-dense neighborhoods in New York City affect traditional public schools in the same neighborhoods
  • B.A. in Political Science/Education from Columbia University and B.A. in History from Sciences Po

Outside of Public Works Partners

  • Enjoys listening to podcasts on urban politics, film, and design
  • Avid American handball player
  • Loves going to karaoke with his friends

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