Analyze and adapt your nonprofit’s health so you can forge ahead in this time of uncertainty.

Welcome to the Public Works COVID-19 Nonprofit Tune-Up, an online tool that will equip your organization with insights and concrete steps to contend with the ongoing crisis.

What is it?

The COVID-19 Nonprofit Tune-Up is a web-based tool that offers free comprehensive analysis of your organization. The tool synthesizes information about your financial and administrative health, addressing recent changes to workflow, staffing, and revenue stemming from the novel coronavirus pandemic, so you can strategize best practices to carry you through the crisis while fulfilling your mission.

How does it work?

After you complete our online survey, our team of proven nonprofit experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of your organization’s financial and administrative health, work with you to review strengths and challenges, and identify how and where to better align operations and infrastructure to your mission. At the end of the assessment, you will receive a SWOT analysis and recommendations to guide your next steps, which we will discuss with you via videoconference.

If you are grappling with the full extent of COVID-19’s impact on your nonprofit, or are unsure of the best path forward as you make plans for the next fiscal year, then the COVID-19 Nonprofit Tune-Up is the right tool for you.

Interested? Contact Us.

To get started, please submit the following form and someone from our team will reach out with instructions on how to complete the online assessment.

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The (COVID-19) Nonprofit Tune-Up is part of our Organizational Health services. We see health assessment as the first step to identifying the key issues and opportunities faced by each organization. Subsequent efforts move beyond assessment to work with clients to address the focus areas we identify and engage staff and Board Members to shape the future direction of the organization. We’ve conducted organizational assessments with nonprofits across the five boroughs, with successful results including streamlining operations to save money, preparing for an expansion to serve more constituents or into new program areas, and developing revenue-generating strategies. At the end of an engagement, our clients have a concrete approach to marshal their resources effectively to meet their mission.

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