Giving back is a core value for us at Public Works. Our work focuses on improving municipal systems so that planning agencies, nonprofit service providers, educational institutions, and community leaders can better support their communities. Throughout the year, we also give to our clients by supporting their fundraising efforts and, when possible, donating our services to advance their work. 

In December, we double down on this commitment through #PublicWorksGivesBack, our annual staff-led giving campaign. Staff donate to a 501(c)(3) of their choice, and Public Works matches their donations, amplifying their impact and showcasing the issues that matter most to our team. Over the past three years, we have given to over 30 organizations. We’re thrilled to continue the tradition this year.

Today, we’re proud to be launching our fourth annual #PublicWorksGivesBack campaign. From now through the end of this year, we’re matching employee donations to a 501(c)(3) of their choice. Our year-round collaboration with nonprofits constantly inspires us, and now is the season when we give a portion of our profits back to them so they can continue making an impact. 

This is also an opportunity to see the causes Public Works team members are passionate about and learn about great nonprofits that are making a difference in our community. Stay tuned with #PublicWorksGivesBack on our Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and subscribe to our newsletter! If there’s a nonprofit whose work you’re passionate about, consider giving them the gift of your support and sharing it with us on social media. 

Public Works Partners wishes you a meaningful and happy holiday season!

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