What is Agile Assessment?

Agile assessments evaluate program impact and efficiency, provide performance management and optimization, and offer actionable feedback for clients. Public Works Partners employs a range of methods to conduct thorough assessments on a specific topic in a short period of time–usually less than two months. We collect data through a variety of traditional and creative methods including desktop research, interviews, focus groups, surveys, walking tours, journey mapping exercises and storyboarding. We then analyze the data gathered and present the findings to our clients. Agile assessments are best used to inform program development, guide internal decision making, or to get feedback on a campaign or program by creating in-depth knowledge about a specific topic.

The first question you should ask is whether your organization is in need of an evaluation. We’ve put together a handy guide laying out some of the most common reasons our clients launch evaluations.


Once you’ve established that an evaluation would be helpful to your organization, it’s time to sort out the details.

How to start an agile assessment:

What knowledge does our team need to develop and why?

Asking yourself this question will set the direction for your assessment and provide your team with a clear pathway for a productive assessment. 

What data needs to be collected to build this knowledge, and how can we collect it?

Providing a clear answer to this question allows your team to quickly and efficiently collect data points that lead to actionable recommendations.

Based on the data, what changes do we need to make? 

Understanding and responding to data allows your firm to make informed decisions that maximize your resources and impact. 

How can we implement these changes and continue to improve over time?

Agile assessments are intended to set your program, campaign, or firm up for the long-term future, not just for short-term improvements.

Click here to learn more about our agile assessment and our expanded Evaluation & Research services, led by Public Works Director Aurelia Aceves Hogan.

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