Favio Germán is a Manager at Public Works Partners. He manages projects that strengthen the operations and impact of our nonprofit and government clients.

I grew up in the Bronx. I really benefited from community-based and afterschool programs, which ultimately helped get me to college. I attended SUNY Old Westbury, where I majored in Political Science and Economics. I was always interested in working with nonprofit organizations, but my first job after college ended up being at an insurance company. I quickly realized that it wasn’t the right path for me.

In 2013 I joined the Peace Corps. I knew I wanted to serve others, but I also wanted to travel and see the world. Through the Peace Corps, I worked as a rural health and sanitation volunteer in Paraguay. As a volunteer, I organized community groups to address health concerns—I created two groups, one to work toward building a local health post for secondary care (the closest clinic was 20 kilometers away), and the other to create healthier homes through family gardens, animal husbandry, and implementing more modern toilets. I also spent a lot of time focusing on education and gender equity/masculinity: I helped implement the programmatic component of UN Women’s HeForShe by co-creating a curriculum on masculinities and life-skills that was distributed to 125+ communities in the country. Overall, my experience during these two years was geared towards creating community-based organizations and developing strong local leaders in order to improve community health outcomes.

I extended my service for a third year. I stayed in Paraguay and trained Peace Corps volunteers across the country. I also helped create a project framework for the health sector and introduce new performance measurement and management systems for the post. As a secondary role during my third year, I was imbedded at Paraguayan government agency to train Paraguayan staff for the launch of a national volunteer program.

Upon returning from the Peace Corps, I worked at local nonprofit as the Impact Coordinator, where I helped introduce new strategies to measure program outcomes. While supporting the Executive Director to improve program performance, I also facilitated youth programs on life-skills, advocacy, and community development throughout New York City.

I knew I wanted to keep working to strengthen local communities through establishing community-based organizations, so I attended NYU Wagner to formalize my skillset. I eventually narrowed my focus to program evaluation and performance measurement and management. I believe that helping organizations establish effective performance measurement systems will enable them to improve their program reach and impact. While at Wagner, I was also involved with multiple student groups, fellowships, and assisted professors to conduct research on nonprofit leadership.

I first joined Public Works as an intern in 2017. I was attracted to the position because of the opportunity to work with a variety of clients tackling real issues that impacted communities throughout New York City. I also felt that the Public Works methodology for approaching client challenges fit closely with the skills I had been building at Wagner and my prior experiences. It was great timing, because the accountant had just left when I joined. I had the opportunity to work with client services as a project coordinator while also taking on some of the finance work, which gave me exposure and insight on how to run an organization. I moved into a manager role after graduating from Wagner in 2018 and have since managed over 25 client projects aimed at strengthening the operations and impact of our nonprofit and government clients.

I get to fulfill my career mission of working with and supporting community-based organizations every day. Right now, I’m working with the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services to implement the Indirect Cost Rate initiative, a program that allows nonprofits to claim more overhead within their government contracts. It’s great to be working on a project that has such a clear impact on mission-driven organizations and their ability to advance their causes.

Working at Public Works is great because our culture encapsulates what inspires me about the community organizations that we work with: we’re nimble, efficient, hardworking, highly collaborative, and mission driven.

Outside of work I’m involved in a few different volunteer efforts. I’m still active in the Peace Corps community in NYC, I do community focus work with the Latino community in Washington Heights, I active in my fraternity, La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity incorporated, to help young men of color get access to higher education, and I volunteer with Harlem Grown in the summer and fall during peak harvest times. I was also recently chosen as one of the 2020 Council of Urban Professionals New York Fellows. It’s an incredible opportunity to work with a prestigious group of professionals from diverse backgrounds who are all dedicated to creating leadership opportunities for people of color.

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