The next frontier of participatory urban planning.

Urban planners have long struggled to communicate a project’s real-world spatial character through two-dimensional visuals. Yet, visualizing an unbuilt space in multiple dimensions is far from science fiction. Immersive technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are already rapidly changing how urban planners make once-static spatial information come to life. Though both technologies are still relatively nascent in urban planning, planners are readily using AR and VR across the world to gather community input, encourage collaboration, and streamline decision-making for a wide range of municipal projects.  Check out Andrey Prigov’s, Public Works Project Coordinator, exploration of how urban planners are using AR/VR on our blog The Public Works IQ. As Marty McFly said “I Guess You Guys Aren’t Ready For That Yet. But Your Kids Are Gonna Love It.”

Celebrating Client Success: Garment District Alliance

Earlier this month, the Garment District Alliance received the International Downtown Association’s 2019 Pinnacle Award for their work on the Garment District rezoning. The Pinnacle Award, the industry’s highest honor, represents the most creative and inspiring innovations in urban planning. These innovative projects set a new standard for improving cities worldwide. Public Works facilitated the Garment Center Steering Committee, which engaged in a robust discussion about the challenges and opportunities facing the garment manufacturing industry in New York City. The committee ultimately reached consensus on 13 recommendations for the future of the Garment Center.  Click here to learn more about the Garment Center Rezoning.

Staff Spotlight: Summer Payton

Summer Payton, a Public Works Analyst, is an urbanist with a deep interest in how humans interact with the built environment. At Public Works, Summer works with our Client Services Team to develop creative solutions to tackle our clients’ challenges and increase the vibrancy of New York City. She learned the ropes working on community-oriented work at Columbus Amsterdam Business Improvement District and Project for Public Spaces. Read more about Summer’s journey to Public Works and what podcasts she listens to in her free time.

#PublicWorksGivesBack Update

We’ve loved highlighting our nonprofit clients’ work and learning about new nonprofits through our staff. So far, we have matched donations to the Surfrider Foundation, the Movember Foundation, Do for One, Code to Inspire, Planned Parenthood, Groundswell NYC, and Deeds Not Words as part of our #PublicWorksGivesBack campaign. Check them out to learn more! Also follow us on Twitter and Instagram @PublicWorksIQ to see what other causes our staff is passionate about.

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