Earlier this month, we hosted a webinar on our new online tool, The Nonprofit Tune-Up. Through this tool, Public Works Partners offers affordable and comprehensive organizational analysis to nonprofits who seek for a more in-depth look at how their organizations can succeed. Led by Public Work Partners CEO Celeste Frye and Director of Client Services Allison Quigney, the webinar focused on the following areas:

  • Key challenges that nonprofits face and how periodic health assessments can help mitigate potential risks
  • How we use the Nonprofit Tune-Up to provide a SWOT and strategic advice to community-based organizations
  • How we use the information gathered to benchmark current work, identify areas for improvement, and capitalize on potential opportunities

Thank you to everyone who attended! For those who were not able to make it, please be sure to check out the full recording. For questions about the Nonprofit Tune-Up? Email nptuneup@publicworkspartners.com.

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