We are thrilled to welcome our new Project Coordinators, Emma Watson and Andrey Prigov. They both bring valuable skill sets from their past experiences working in the public sector and are eager to learn more about the industry. Emma joins us as the Project Coordinator for Client Services, while Andrey as our Project Coordinator for Business Development. Read on to learn more about our newest team additions!

Get to know Emma.

Emma attended Texas A&M University where she majored in Public Health, becoming very interested in women’s health care and increasing access to underserved communities. In the fall semester of her sophomore year she became a Student Worker at the Women’s Resource Center on A&M’s campus, providing women’s healthcare supplies and information. Wanting to also explore policy and political organizing, Emma volunteered to mobilize young voters as a canvas organizer for Beto O’Rourke’s Senate campaign that Fall. Pursuing her interest in health policy, Emma interned for two political action nonprofits during her junior year: Deeds Not Work and the National Academy for State Health Policy. It was through these internships that she realized that her desired career path had a strong emphasis on health policy and community organizing. To become more impactful in the space, Emma decided that a graduate degree in health policy was the suitable next step. And after completing her undergraduate degree, Emma moved to New York City to obtain her master’s degree in public administration focusing on health policy at NYU Wagner.

Emma was drawn to Public Works and the organization’s mission. She was excited by the idea of being able to work on multiple projects doing work that improves the lives of others. She also noted the strong office culture – she wanted to work for a company that valued its employees and didn’t take itself too seriously (a.k.a. she was impressed by the goofy headshots on our website). Emma also noted the collaborative and approachable nature of the team – she greatly appreciated how receptive co-workers were to new ideas. Emma enjoys the current projects she’s on because they promote equality and empower others by providing them with the resources they need.

Outside of work Emma has remained active in politics and community organizing. She is currently on the Elizabeth Warren texting team, working to register people to vote and recruit volunteers. Cooking is another hobby. Asian food and southern classics are some of her favorites. She also loves hanging out with her dog, Fabio and enjoys a good book, especially fiction and historical fiction.

Get to know Andrey.

Andrey attended Columbia University where he recently graduated with a dual degree in Political Science and Education Studies. Two years of his degree were spent in France attending Sciences Po. While he was abroad, he interned at the European Parliament thinking he wanted to pursue politics. However, he realized it wasn’t quite the right fit and became interested in public policy. He also took an interest in Education during his sophomore year. Andrey wanted to combine his passion for education with public policy, which ultimately led him to urban policy and development. He took courses on these areas during his senior year, doing hands-on research about the effects of charter schools on public education and the effects of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico’s school system. His coursework provided an opportunity to concentrate on issues he cared about while learning new skills such as GIS mapping. Andrey would like to continue having a positive impact on society through urban policy work.

Andrey was initially intrigued by Public Works because he wanted to gain experience in the public sector, while utilizing his design skills. He also wanted to be at a firm that was working directly with populations to obtain concrete data to inform its recommendations. The role at Public Works fit exactly with what he was looking for. Andrey has greatly enjoyed creating design materials for the firm. He’s happy that his skill sets help Public Works effectively convey its findings and recommendations. Andrey noted how welcoming and approachable the senior staff at Public Works has been. He’s enjoyed getting to know everyone on the team and learning about the staff’s various career experience.

Outside of work Andrey is an avid American handball player. He loves the sport because it’s easy to pick up and very accessible. He also enjoys listening to podcasts on urban development and giving NYC tours to friends when they come to visit (he’s happy to share his route if you’re interested!).

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