“Being exposed to numerous professional sectors early on in my career allowed me to realize that the most rewarding and engaging work focuses on improving the public good.”



Throughout college I had internships across various areas including editing, fundraising, and financial services, among others. While all these roles offered valuable experiences, I knew I wanted to focus on a career that would have a positive impact.

I joined the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) after graduating from college. It was a great fit because it incorporated my academic background in Economics and Math as well as Political Science. While at OMB, I handled the budgets for multiple criminal justice units including the District Attorney’s office. The role taught me a great deal about the financial planning process and the day-to-day of running an agency.

After a few years at OMB, I knew I wanted to learn more about the operational side of budgeting including accounting and the procurement process. This led me to my next role at the Department of Investigation as a Senior Budget Analyst. It was there that I’ve honed my soft skills as well as added my hard skills including the details of implementing a budget. I knew I enjoyed budgeting, but also found myself wanting to take on more project and policy-oriented work. I was thrilled when I found Public Works Partners because their work encompassed all my interests.

Public Works provided the opportunity to work on a variety of tasks that combined my finance and public policy skill set. I’m extremely happy to be working at a mission-driven organization that aligns with my passion for criminal justice. Working with the NYC Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) on the Raise the Age implementation is the first time that I’m able to help enact criminal justice policy even though I’ve been working in this space for years. I’m excited to have a hands-on role that directly contributes to the project’s increased success. It’s also been great to join a team that is open to collaboration while also valuing my own expertise and intuition. I’ve felt very comfortable brainstorming with others and asking to take on projects in my interest areas.

Outside of work I enjoy hiking, trying out new restaurants in Queens, and going to basketball games (go Knicks!). I love watching old Bollywood movies. My mom got me into them, and she is a big fan as well. I also enjoy reading and have set a personal goal of getting through 20 books this year – let me know if you have any good recommendations! And finally, although I am no Marie Kondo, I like to unwind by tidying my apartment.

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