We hear you, nonprofit community: organizational assessment is important, but it’s also expensive and time-consuming.

Our new product, the Nonprofit Health Assessment, offers an affordable and comprehensive way to assess and strategize around your organization’s health. This web-based tool focuses on four critical components: financial management, administration and development, program portfolio, and board governance. We believe that by focusing on these four areas, nonprofit leaders can get an insight into the health of their organization, and easily define strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Photo by Ali Garber: NYN Media OpCon.

We were excited to launch the Nonprofit Health Assessment at the NYN Media’s Op-Con on June 14th, where our CEO, Celeste Frye, participated on a panel that examined the importance of effective leadership to organizational health, as well as the need for nonprofits to measure their work.  Joining Celeste were leaders from NYC Service, Madison Square Boys & Girls Club, PKF O’Connor Davies LLP, and Options for Community Living, all of whom shared their insight into challenges that arise when assessing and working toward improved organizational health.

Public Works Partners believes that by helping nonprofits improve their operational performance, we can best position them to strengthen communities.  The Nonprofit Health Assessment offers our clients the opportunity to reflect on their ability to provide sustainable services that 1) achieve their mission and 2) position them for more significant future impact.

Still concerned about the whole expensive and time-consuming issue? We took this into account when designing the Nonprofit Health Assessment. The tool includes several different options, both in terms of time and financial investment. We’re confident that no matter your resource level, the assessment will provide valuable information at a cost that’s right for your organization.

Click here for more information about the Nonprofit Health Assessment, or contact Business Development Lead Moe Magali for more details.

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