Sharing our skills:

Director Allison Quigney and Manager Moe Magali facilitated a two-part session at NYATEP’s Youth Academy on integrating design thinking into youth workforce programs. Participants explored how design thinking – in laymen’s terms, a problem-solving process – could help develop new programs or enhance existing services. They also had hands-on practice conducting their own customer journey mapping sessions to better understand the experiences of clients and opportunities, with the goal to adjust service delivery to align with those experiences.  Journey maps illustrate what people do and feel when interacting with a service. The inclusion of human behavior in the mapping – motivations, interests, and pain points – helps programs ensure clients have a consistently high level of satisfaction when receiving services. We had a great time at the session and throughout the conference discussing youth workforce strategies with colleagues across the field.


Building our skills:


Public Works CEO Celeste Frye is grateful to join the current cohort of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program at LaGuardia Community College. This development program helps entrepreneurs create jobs and economic growth by providing access to education, capital, and support services. We see this as an unparalleled opportunity to enhance the ways we manage and grow our business offerings, and are looking forward to learning from other participants and program sponsors.

We’re also excited to announce that Analyst Julia Deutsch is participating in NYU Wagner’s Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Public Service. Known as FELPS, the program brings together young professionals across nonprofit, philanthropic, and government entities to explore ways to collectively address challenges facing the public sector, and identify opportunities to optimize their individual impact in the areas they are most passionate about. We know this leadership opportunity will position Julia to continue advancing positive change through our work and beyond.

And everything in between:


Earlier this month, we also:

Joined the Center for an Urban Future’s panel on preparing NYC’s economy and workforce for the next wave of automation. The group explored problem-solving skills needed for 21stcentury jobs and strategies for adjusting the social safety net for the new economy. The conversation certainly left us contemplating strategies for creating flexible frameworks to get ahead of rapidly changing workplaces.


Took time to recognize International Women’s Day with colleagues at Civic Hall, hearing from female leaders in NYC government on ways the City is advancing gender equality and access. We also brainstormed ways our woman-owned business can create positive change through our work and beyond. We look forward to working with our many partners and colleagues to advance these issues in all the days to come.

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