Public Works Partners is pleased to announce a new practice area that focuses our best thinking on the intersection of information systems and performance.

After several engagements in which we helped clients create requirements for data management systems, use data to inform service delivery, and identify key performance drivers, we have combined these services into a single practice area that will help organizations use data to improve their performance and increase their impact. We will help clients to:

  • Identify the key drivers of successful outcomes
  • Establish performance metrics that focus staff on the right results
  • Adopt work processes that streamline effort and improve results
  • Design systems that facilitate data collection and informed decision-making
  • Aggregate data across disparate systems
  • Adopt management approaches that emphasize data-driven decisions
  • Empower staff to recognize and capitalize on opportunities for program improvement

Mark Lee leads our Information Systems & Performance practice area. He brings years of experience managing technology transformation initiatives for the public and nonprofit sectors. He will soon share more information about how we’ve helped our clients use information to significantly increase their impact. In the meantime, contact Mark at or 347-560-1599 to find out more about ways we can help your organization.

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