At Public Works Partners, we know firsthand the power data has to help service providers create and deliver smart programs that meet both the current and evolving demands of their clients. Whether by identifying changes in the populations most likely to benefit from program interventions, monitoring the relative impacts of different outreach efforts, or evaluating program results, data enables service providers to focus on the program interventions that are most effective and to distribute resources to maximize their impact. We work with our clients to develop practices to collect the right data, interpret it in the right context, and use it to inform management systems that help them to direct service provision. And we’re always eager to see the impact these tools have on their programs.

ceo_poverty_measureThat’s why we were excited to see the NYC Center for Economic Opportunity and the NYC Young Men’s Initiative announce the winners of a new award—the 2013 Data-Driven Provider Award—that recognizes high-performing service providers that use data to make program decisions and provide effective services to low-income New Yorkers. Award winners come from a variety of CEO and YMI programs including the Financial Empowerment Centers, Young Adult Internship Program, and CUNY Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP)—proving that data can be a game-changer for myriad types of programs and New Yorkers.

You can discover more about this award and the winning service providers at the CEO website. We look forward to seeing the evolution of this award and data-driven programs across New York City.

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