nyc-ceoAs we prepare to close out another year—and approach the transition in mayoral administrations—we have found ourselves reflecting on all of the work that we and so many of our clients do to reduce the number of people living in poverty—and the tremendous opportunities we have to make these efforts more effective. With these thoughts in mind, Public Works Partners was delighted to see that the Center for an Urban Future recognized the NYC Center for Economic Opportunity as the top anti-poverty initiative of the Bloomberg administration—and provided its full-throated support for the de Blasio administration to retain it.

We would be hard pressed to think of any organization that has done more to test innovative service models, import proven programs to NYC, and inform all of its decisions with data and hard evidence. But CEO has been more than a catalyst for positive change; it has also demonstrated the strategic approach and robust leadership required to have meaningful impact in the face of the seemingly intractable challenge of multigenerational poverty.  It’s CEO’s mix of leadership, innovation, informed risk taking, well-researched advocacy, and substantial investments that make it such a powerful platform on which to build in the next administration.

Looking forward, we hope to see a CEO that continues to test and refine programs, but also one that takes successful programs to scale. The fact that CEO incubated all of its programs in City agencies should help. New commissioners won’t have to go far afield to find good service models to incorporate into the City’s core human services offerings, improving their effectiveness.

You can read more about CUF’s description of CEO and other top anti-poverty initiatives here. All of us at Public Works Partners are very pleased to have been able to work on many of these initiatives and a number of other CEO programs. We look forward to an opportunity to continue to do so.

Good things ahead in 2014. We wish all of our friends, clients and colleagues a peaceful, prosperous and impactful new year.

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