One of the best things about working at Public Works Partners is the diversity of what we do. Every day brings something different—one day we’re working with a large government agency to improve data management systems, and the next we’re helping a non-profit design a new workforce development program. As an added bonus for urban policy buffs, every day can also bring a different borough. With clients in all five boroughs of New York City, we can often be found on the subway preparing for one meeting while in transit to another. One thing is for sure: between the amazing clients we work with, challenging projects we take on, and constant maneuvering around the MTA, our days are never boring!

A Week in the Life


My week started with a no travel day, which provided some much needed time to prepare for the rest of the week. Subway rides would kick into high gear the next day.


Travel Location: East Harlem, Manhattan

We’re one of three technical assistance providers for the Jobs-Plus program, which increases income and employment levels among NYCHA public housing residents. Our work with Jobs-Plus typically takes me to Staten Island, where ResCare ( operates a Jobs-Plus site (and where I’ve become quite familiar with the eating options at the Ferry Terminal). But this week I attended a meeting for all of the Jobs-Plus directors at Jefferson Houses in East Harlem. With the holiday season right around the corner, this is the perfect time for participants to land retail jobs, and we had a great conversation about strategies for helping participants to see the benefits of taking a position in retail—a topic we worked on earlier this year when designing a youth-focused retail training program for The Door.


Travel Locations: Flatiron, Manhattan (our office) and the South Bronx


Hostos Community College is a long-term Public Works client who we’re currently helping to scale operations at its Allied Health Career Pipeline Program. A major aspect of this project has been reengineering its data reporting and management practices so that the program can easily understand progress towards its performance outcomes and identify opportunities for improvement. After a complicated subway ride to the South Bronx, we spent the afternoon working with the Pipeline Program’s data team to implement a series of new reports, data entry processes, and quality assurance plans.


Travel Location: Brownsville, Brooklyn


We’re working with Community Solutions to develop strategies for its 5,000 Jobs Campaign in Brownsville, which will begin next summer. Community Solutions has already launched the Brownsville Partnership, a multi-agency collaborative that works to prevent families in the neighborhood from losing their homes. The 5,000 Jobs Campaign will expand upon this work by attracting workforce development organizations to Brownsville and providing residents with access to job preparation services and job opportunities. We met with the Community Solutions team to discuss service delivery options for the Campaign.


My week is ending as it began, with a no travel day. However, my mind is in Queens at the moment, as I’m spending the day analyzing data for LaGuardia Community College, another long-time client who frequently inspires a ride on the G train to Long Island City.

Borough count: 3 (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx)

Not quite the week I made it to all five boroughs, but there’s always next week!

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