Amanda Neville of Three Furies, who helped us establish our Public Works Partners brand, also writes for the Forbes Entrepreneurship blog. She recently interviewed our firm’s principals (Mark Foggin, Celeste Frye, and Scott Zucker) and asked them how they formed their partnership and how they’ve sustained it over the years.

Here are some of the tips that they shared:

On what makes their partnership strong:

We are all open communicators. We all have the ability to disagree and work to resolution on a principled basis.

Our partnership also works because we have a shared commitment to each other and to the practice, which is what allows us to get through disagreements and moments of personal adversity. There’s never any doubt of commitment to each other and to the practice.

On “trying out” the partnership before making it official:

We worked together for three years before we formalized arrangements. “Try before you buy” does have risks, but also allows partners to learn about each other before entering a binding agreement.

If the partnership isn’t right, consider ways to collaborate without becoming formal partners.

And always do what the lawyers say.

Read the full article on Forbes.com.

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