aspen institute

Congratulations to our client, JobsFirstNYC, for being selected by the Aspen Institute as an Opportunity Youth Incentive Fund grantee. JobsFirstNYC will work with the Bronx Opportunity Network to connect young people who are out of school and out of work to higher education in the Bronx, notably Bronx Community College and another client of ours, Hostos Community College.

The Opportunity Youth Incentive Fund is a nationwide initiative of the Aspen Institute that seeks to bring 6.7 million young adults who are out of school and out of work back into education and the workforce. The Fund has awarded 21 grants in communities ranging from rural communities to major cities.

We’re very excited to see this new investment in our young people, and we can’t wait to see the great things that JobsFirstNYC, Bronx Opportunity Network, Bronx Community College, and Hostos accomplish with it!

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