Last week, the Center for Economic Opportunity’s (CEO) Poverty Research Team added to its online poverty data tool a set of data files (along with documentation) for researchers who wish to replicate or extend CEO’s groundbreaking work in new directions. Each file consists of all the variables included in the annual American Community Survey Public Use Micro Sample for New York City, along with variables that CEO creates for its New York City Poverty Measure. The CEO-created variables provide the poverty threshold and account for non-cash resources that are essential to their poverty measure, but are not included in the American Community Survey. Additionally, CEO provides a combination of variables derived from the ACS that are useful for analyzing poverty by demographic characteristics.

The CEO poverty measure differs from the official poverty measure in two fundamental ways. First, it accounts for a more realistic set of the resources to which low-income New Yorkers typically have access. Second, CEO’s team adjusts a national threshold developed for the Census Bureau to reflect the relatively high cost of housing in New York City–making it a more realistic measure.

Public Works Partners has already begun digging in to the data that are available, and will be leveraging it as we work with our clients who are working to alleviate poverty in the city’s neighborhoods. If you’re a researcher who has developed interesting analyses useful to the sector, please share them here. If we can help your organization to leverage this information for your work, please contact us.

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