Family Rewards, a program we helped replicate, was recently featured on PBS’s Need to Know:

Watch 12/14/2012: Family Rewards on PBS. See more from Need To Know.

Family Rewards, a demonstration project launched by the City of New York in 2007, aims to break the cycle of long-term, multigenerational poverty by providing temporary cash payments to poor families to boost their income in the short term, while building their capacity to develop and increase their income over the longer term. In 2011, Public Works Partners helped develop enhancements to the Family Rewards model based on lessons learned from the original demonstration project.  We also helped implement four new Family Rewards programs in Memphis, TN, and the Bronx.

We worked with MDRC, the Mayor’s Fund and NYC’s Center for Economic Opportunity to refine the program’s policies and operating priorities, trained program staff, and advised on program implementation. We then provided technical assistance to the local program operators through which we reinforced best practices, established a learning community, and helped build overall program capacity.

We are very pleased to have contributed to this demonstration project that is carefully evaluating new approaches for breaking the cycle of multigenerational poverty and building knowledge that may help policy makers to improve the effectiveness of safety net programs.

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